Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back to work I went 3 weeks after Justin arrived. Work has changed alot from when I left. But hopefully it will get better. The boys are doing pretty good, other than they all have a cold. It is to be expected with me and Jacob both working at the hospital. Justin is gaining almost a pound a week. The other two love their little brother and can't seem to give him enough kisses. Halloween was pretty fun. Daegon was a ninja turtle and james was a dog.

Monday, October 13, 2008

He is finally here

The day came on Oct 1, 2008. I went to see my Doctor on Monday to see if he would start my on the 1st. My grandpa passed away and I didn't need to go into labor while I was there. Well it worked he said he would for the fact that I had been contracting for 2 months and I had gone in more then any other patient then he had ever had before.
Wensday morning came and I got to the hospital and it all started. I got pit and they broke my water at 930. At 315 I caved and got IV meds to help me relax. At 351 he was born. With a true knot in his umbilical cord. It was also wraped around his neck and his arm. My doctor was glad he started me that day and didn't wait tell the next week. Who knows what would have happend if we would have waited.
That night he went to sleep at 730 and wouldn't wake up until 1130 the next morning. We tried everything, they even drew blood and he wouldn't wake up. He is doing great now and is getting big.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home sick NO Work Sick

I never remembered staying at home being so hard. I guess that is what happends when you work for so long. I am ready to return to work. But it wont be happening. I just hope that the rest of the time I have at home will go by faster. Such is life I did this to myself. The day before I got put taken off of work I told my mom that I was ready to go on bed rest to get a break from work. What was I thinking. It is almost easier to work. Not to mention when you are struggling with bills as it is and now you have to figure out what to do to bring in money because you can't work. I don't think I will be taking the full 6 weeks off again. 3 weeks will probably be all I stay home again. What to do about it. I have no idea. I need a life other then work and maybe it would be easier.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cranky Baby

Last night I spent 4 hours at the hospital getting and IV and the whole works. My Body decided that it needed to contract. I went in for sharp pains in my stomach. After about 1/2 hour of being in on the monitor the nurse comes in and tells me I have been contracting. "Oh BOY", Well now I am no longer alowed to work and I am to take some medication 3 times a day to see if it will make the contractions calm down so that the baby will stay in there for atleast 6 more weeks.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Job Search

I have been looking for a new job the last little while. I have found several that I wouldn't mind haveing the only problem is that they don't want to hire me. I have this problem, it is called a baby. They take one look at my stomach and tell me no. Ok so it isn't that fast.
We are wanting to move away from this area for College reasons. and other things. We need to get into our own place and fun stuff like that.
We went up to Logan the other day to see what we could find. It was fun to just see my sister and the kids had friends to play with. They loved the out doors. I really like her house because of the fenced back yard where the kids can run around and play without me haveing to worry about them running away. A place where kids can be kids.

Monday, July 7, 2008

James got his first tooth FINALLY

At James's last Dr.s appointment his dr said he wanted me to get X-Rays done to make sure he had teeth. I pretty much said no for the fact that it would take until Oct to get him in. Not to mention my sister didn't get her first tooth until she was 15 months. So I ignored it and let him go on his way. He got his first tooth yesterday. Yeah he has chompers now. In a few months maybe I wont have to chop all his food up into swollowing size bites.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Holiday fun

Today we went down to Blanding for the 4th of July celebration. Mainly for the parade, Daegon really loved it. Once he figured out the consept of picking up the candy. He would run out to get the candy and so would the other kids. But naturally he didn't always get it. Oh and when he did get it he wanted to just eat it as fast as he got it. We were standing next to one of the cops and he would run out into the road and pick up the candy out there and give it to my spoiled child. Lets just say my pants didn't want to stay on because my cargo pocket was full of Candy.

I did get to see a high school friend today. I found out that she is do about the same time as me. She is also having a little boy. Wow it must have been a cold January.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

James's Birthday

On the 20th my baby turned 1. It is so weird how fast time flies when you are having fun. Oh wait it flies weather you are having fun or not. Anyways we had his party up at the church lawn for more room. I decided that he was going to eat his cake and ice cream all by his self. He went at it iceing and ice cream went everywhere. Not only his but who ever else left it at his level. After that we went back home and straight to the bath he went. Dinner followed after the bath. We should have just waited for the bath. He has pizza sauce all over himself. Not as bad as the speggetti the other day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Kids

I had to break out the bigger cloths today. If you have kids you know what that means. Yes two little boys wanting to help mommy sort the cloth. Daegon the best at helping starts throwing all the cloth around and James dropping his toys into the box. After time goes by and I finally get done. I moved the cloths that still wont come out back in the other room, and take the rest to the laundry. Daegon still wanting to help gets into the box grabs more cloths out and takes them back into the living room. Leaving a line of cloths and hurrys under the covers to hide the rest.

You just got to love the helping hands. Even if that mean more work.
Today in my search for some papers I ran found a poam/song lyrics that I wrote about my sister when she was engaged. It goes with the song "Part of Your World" off of the Little Mermaid. I got the idea from a lyrics from it called "I Need A Man". The joys you get from finding things you did when you were young and Nieve. Yes I do have to admit it was only 5 years ago but still the world changes and we get older and wiser.

The other day I was talking with my sister, when the topic came up that you loose brain cells when you have kids. If it is true then I am doomed. She thought she would be smart by telling me that there was no hope left for me after all I am on my 3rd baby and I am a blonde. Yes I do have to agree with her to a point because I am lucky to remember what day it is.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

About My Life

To get you caught up on my life I joined the National Guard March 12, 2004. That is where I met my husband Jacob. We got Married On Jan 18 2005. I left for the last part of my training 2 weeks later and returned on April 1, 2005. I then Graduated from High School May 27, 2005 (My Husbands Birthday). On March 12, 2006 Daegon Anthony came into our lives. 15 months later on June 20, 2007 Jacob James the II (we call him James) joined us. Now we are expecting our 3rd another boy that should be coming in October.