Tuesday, June 24, 2008

James's Birthday

On the 20th my baby turned 1. It is so weird how fast time flies when you are having fun. Oh wait it flies weather you are having fun or not. Anyways we had his party up at the church lawn for more room. I decided that he was going to eat his cake and ice cream all by his self. He went at it iceing and ice cream went everywhere. Not only his but who ever else left it at his level. After that we went back home and straight to the bath he went. Dinner followed after the bath. We should have just waited for the bath. He has pizza sauce all over himself. Not as bad as the speggetti the other day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Kids

I had to break out the bigger cloths today. If you have kids you know what that means. Yes two little boys wanting to help mommy sort the cloth. Daegon the best at helping starts throwing all the cloth around and James dropping his toys into the box. After time goes by and I finally get done. I moved the cloths that still wont come out back in the other room, and take the rest to the laundry. Daegon still wanting to help gets into the box grabs more cloths out and takes them back into the living room. Leaving a line of cloths and hurrys under the covers to hide the rest.

You just got to love the helping hands. Even if that mean more work.
Today in my search for some papers I ran found a poam/song lyrics that I wrote about my sister when she was engaged. It goes with the song "Part of Your World" off of the Little Mermaid. I got the idea from a lyrics from it called "I Need A Man". The joys you get from finding things you did when you were young and Nieve. Yes I do have to admit it was only 5 years ago but still the world changes and we get older and wiser.

The other day I was talking with my sister, when the topic came up that you loose brain cells when you have kids. If it is true then I am doomed. She thought she would be smart by telling me that there was no hope left for me after all I am on my 3rd baby and I am a blonde. Yes I do have to agree with her to a point because I am lucky to remember what day it is.